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Welcome to QHI Wellness where our passion is helping our patients uncover the true cause of their illnesses or pain so they can regain their health and start living again! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, are taking numerous prescription drugs with no real results, are fed up with creating even more side effects or just want to look and feel the way you once did, come and see us!

At QHI Wellness, our mission is to help you look and feel your very best. We are dedicated to helping people overcome their ill health and chronic pain by helping them discover and resolve the underlying causes of their health challenges. We do this by combining the very best of natural medicine with the essentials of conventional medicine for a healthier you!

Here in our clinic, you are not just a number! We are focused on YOU and your health goals. Upon entering our clinic, you will immediately experience a difference. Our experienced team led by Dr. De Wet, will create and implement a customized treatment plan that’s focused on YOU to help you achieve all of your wellness goals. A variety of cutting edge, cost effective, natural and integrative treatment strategies are used with conventional medicine added in when absolutely necessary. Our commitment to you is to provide you the best “healing oriented” care, taking into account all aspects of who you are, in a loving and supportive environment.

Join us on this journey of mind, body and spirit to a whole new healthy you.



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