QHI Wellness is now closed.

Doctor De Wet is now taking personal clients for life coaching and Recall Healing. For those of you who are interested, please call Dr. De Wet and leave a message at 903 539 9069. For those of you in pursuit of a better life and better health and vitality, life coaching with recall healing incorporated is worth considering as an option.

We want to express a word of thanks to all of our loyal QHI Wellness patrons over the years. We no longer have a brick and mortar business, but my personal mission to promote Wellness Care continues through other avenues and ventures. These include participation in Global Wellness Care Centers as a consultant, The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine as a faculty professor, Recall Healing USA as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and Recall Healing Facilitator / Seminar Presenter and as a Health and Life Coach.

Dr. De Wet has been practicing and teaching integrative (functional / holistic) medicine for most of the past 31 years of his medical career. He has had the great privilege of working with literally thousands of people throughout his career to improve their lives and their health. He has done so through his practice of integrative medicine, his books, his radio shows and his workshops and academic career teaching health care professionals and lay people alike at medical institutions and through his seminars.

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