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Heal Thyself.

Heal Thyself – Transform Your Life, Transform your Health
by: Pieter J. DeWet, M.D., M.D.(H), FAAFP. ABIHM

Book Summary

“Disease is the brain’s best solution to keep the person alive as long as possible — therefore disease is a survival program.”

“To heal from any illness, it is necessary and sufficient to remove the source of conflict within oneself.”
Dr. Claude Sabbah



Disease is a biological solution to unresolved conflicts threatening to overwhelm consciousness. Disease is therefore a blessing, not a curse. “Heal Thyself, Transform your life, transform your health” is a book written to shed new light on why and how we get sick and is a guidebook on how to dramatically increase the odds of healing from disease and how to stay healthy once healing has taken place. The steps highlighted are so powerful if followed that recovery from even serious health challenges is often the result. This book will also help you create a more empowering framework in which disease can be seen for what it really is: A biological solution and not a curse. In fact I want to take it further and help readers see that there is nothing random about illness; that it is part of the perfection of creation. If illness is a solution and not a curse, it can ultimately be reframed as a blessing. After reading this book my hope is that every reader will have a greater appreciation for the miracle of life, the miracle that each one of us are, and the miracle of this extraordinary creation that we are a part of.

By understanding the purpose of disease and its root causes the solutions become readily apparent. As a matter of fact there is such simplicity to it that my contention is that almost anybody can learn to at least make a start at addressing these causes. They can come up with many of their own solutions with the help of this book and the help of carefully chosen healthcare professionals, family and friends. The purpose of this book is to empower you to be able to embrace the solutions that are there for you and to no longer feel that you are at the mercy of unpredictable and devastating scourges that you have no control over.

The first section of this book delves into The Problem describing the inexorable worsening epidemics of chronic illness in spite of the fortunes that are being spent to fight them. This also is in spite of an ever increasing number of procedures being done and new drugs which only seems to make us sicker. We discuss in this section who and what is to blame including the role of conventional medicine and the food, drug and other industries.

The second section of the book, The Root of Illness endeavors to help create a deeper understanding of what illness is all about…that illness is a solution and a blessing, not a problem and a curse. As a matter of fact, chapter 1 in this section delves right into what I believe to be the most important discovery ever made in medicine, i.e. the critical role of inner conflicts as the root cause of all disease and the biological laws that apply. I also discuss the role that toxins, infectious organisms, belief systems, negative emotions, relationship challenges and a myriad of other factors play in the development of health problems and delve into the spiritual roots of illness. In this section, we also discuss the homotoxicology perspective that understands illness as related to the breakdown of the body’s defense against the influx of toxins and infectious agents and those symptoms of illness that are the expression of these defense mechanisms in action. This section also explains how detrimental it can be to treat symptoms and not the underlying causes with conventional medical interventions including pharmaceuticals in the “battle” to restore ones health.

The last section of this book, The Cure, explores a series of solutions to health problems that can be implemented by most people on their own. It lays the ground work for taking responsibility for initiating the necessary steps for self-healing instead of counting on a flawed health care system. True healing can only be obtained dealing with all health challenges on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental level, in other words by taking a holistic approach. It ends with a 90 day action plan with a very specific series of steps that can help bring about rapid and profound healing.

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